Gotan Project

Gotan Project broke into the music scene in 1999 with its innovating mixture of Tango and Electronic Music. The group was founded in 1999 when Müller and Cohen-Solal met the Argentinian composer and guitarist Eduardo Makaroff, who was living in Paris since 1990. Makaroff, who had started his musical career in Argentina in the 80’s with the duet “Los Hermanos Makaroff” together with his brother Sergio, was also working with movies and TV series soundtracks, while conducting the Club Tango orchestra in a Parisian placed called La Coupole. The group released their first maxi-single with 2 songs in January 2000 (“El Capitalismo Foráneo/Vuelvo al Sur”). This was made on a small scale, with only 1000 copies. The songs began to sound in every fashionable place in Paris, which made them release another maxi-single -“Tríptico/Last Tango in Paris” – in June 2000. From that moment on, the outcome was sudden and the album did not wait too long.”La Revancha del Tango” was chosen in 2002 as one of the best albums of the year by the BBC reviewers, who awarded them as “World Revelation” the following year; so far they sold a million discs and have made more than 200 shows in Europe, Canada, United States, Australia, Japan, and Brazil, where they add their filming experience in a great visual display.


Eduardo Makaroff:guitarr

Philippe Cohen-Solal:DJ

Christoph Müllen:electronics