After experimenting for years fusing tango with modern rhythms in El Signo, Leo and Gastón Satragno decided to create a tango band with its own identity and an updated sound; the music also had to reflect the life in a modern metropolis like Buenos Aires. On June 13th 2002, they played for the first time in the “Festival Nacional Astor Piazzolla”. Since then, they have made important performances in pubs, restaurants, discos, private parties and advertising events. They have also taken part in several editions of the “Festival Internacional de Tango” in Buenos Aires, sharing the stage with renowned artists such as Sexteto Mayor, Raúl Lavié, Julio Pane, Rubén Juárez, El Arranque, Adrián Iaies, Adriana Varela, and many more. This was recorded in a movie and compilation called “Abrazos”. At the end of 2003, they release their first album “Astornautas”. As the name indicates, the album explores the most significant compositions from Astor Piazzolla (“Adiós Nonino”, “Libertango”, “Primavera Porteña”, among others), apart from songs by their own. They also counted on the special appearance of Rául Lavié, singing “Invierno Porteño” and “Así Sea”. The latter was the first song he composed together with his sons Leo and Gastón.


Leo Satragno:synthetizers and programming

Gastón Satragno:synthetizers

Sami Abadi:electric violin

Braulio D’Aguirre: percussion

Julio Pérez:bandoneon