Led by guitarist and composer Carlos Libedinsky. After going through several genres leading rock, pop and blues bands (La Pera and Arqueros), contemporary music (Dúo de Guitarras Imago), as part of Emilio del Guercio group and in the group Música Renacentista y Medieval Música Ficta in 1992, he experiments on tango -Los Mareados Duo – making a traditional repertoire and songs from his own.
In August 2003 he edits “Narcotango”, mixing tango with electronic music. “Tango is like a drug which causes us an incredible, sensual and powerful addiction”, Libedinsky states. And he bets on such climates reaching atmospheres with strong suggestion and melancholy.


Carlos Libedinsky:composition, guitar, programming

Patricio Bonfligio:bandoneon

Federico Terranova:violín

Sebastián Monk:piano and keyboards

Fernando Del Castillo:drums

Diego Pojonovsky:double bass